The Gulf and Mid-South regions are currently underserved by air carriers, forcing an over-reliance on road travel between the regions’ cities. The need to drive results in an enormous waste of valuable time and loss of productivity driving to destinations that should have air service. GLO’s founder, Louisiana native Trey Fayard, experienced this lack of connectivity firsthand. He has spent more time than he would like to remember behind the wheel, traveling by car to locations that should be served by airlines. Founded in 2013, GLO is addressing these travel needs, offering daily non-stop services between its base in New Orleans to Shreveport, Huntsville, Little Rock, Memphis and Destin-Fort Walton Beach.



GLO’s mission is to provide fast, comfortable and convenient air service to the passengers and regions we serve. We will accomplish our mission through our unwavering commitment to passenger satisfaction.


Our vision is to provide a new option to business and leisure travelers, one that couples the time efficiency that comes from flying non-stop with the luxury expected from a first-rate air carrier.


  • Founded: In 2013 by CEO Trey Fayard
  • First flight: November 2015
  • Crew domicile location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Job Impact: 30 direct; 110 indirect
  • Fleet: Three, 30-passenger Saab 340B aircraft
  • Performance: Range – 1,150 SM Speed – 300 mph Altitude: 25,000 ft.
  • Airline operator: Corporate Flight Management, Inc.